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You were diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it. Congrats! You counted down until the day you could put the journey behind you and return to your life as you knew it before cancer.

That day is here and yet you are still asking yourself, "When will things be normal again?". If you have been feeling like you are struggling emotionally, physically and spiritually in your post cancer life, you are not alone. Here's the good news; You have a second chance at life and you aren't going to let it slip you by.

This book is for breast cancer survivors who are truly ready to reconstruct their life and feel normal once again.


Author and breast cancer survivor Jen Rozenbaum will teach you her methods to help you:

  • Finally feel normal again after cancer
  • Get rid of the numbness and enjoy life again
  • Stop living in fear of the cancer returning
  • Feel sexy and feminine again

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